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Win the Battle with DDoS Mitigation Services

Hopefully you never need DDoS mitigation services, but that’s not always the case. Now that your online business is running smoothly and your bottom line is expanding, you might think that doing business in the global market is a piece of cake. That thought can be rudely interrupted by the letters DDoS, which can turn your cyber dream into a cyber nightmare. DDoS stands for a Distributed Denial of Service attack. These attacks cause confusion and prevent your business from selling products and services to your clients and customers. A DDoS attack happens when your network gets flooded with so many communication requests that it can no longer respond and shuts down. This is when profits begin to plummet. If customers cannot access your website they can’t by your products or services.

Your website is the face of your company. It impacts how you are viewed as a company. Are you ready to leave that up to chance? You have to prevent cyber criminals from disturbing the smooth flow of your sales and communications. These attacks are becoming more common in the world of online sales and e-commerce. The size and sophistication of DDoS attacks have increased in volume and caused companies to search for protection from cyber crime with DDoS Mitigation Services.

Combating the threat of a DDoS attack involves developing and deploying a multi-faceted plan to win the battle being waged against your company. Without the technical experience, software, and specialized hardware it’s much easier (and more cost effective) to find a web host that offers DDoS mitigation services. Anti-DDoS protection companies can also re-route traffic from your website and filter out the malicious traffic that is causing your site to shut down. This can be done without even changing your host. However, if you are prone to a high number of attacks each year it may be a better choice to move to a host that specializes in protected web hosting and anti-ddos.

Some Ways to Mitigate and Deter DDoS Attacks

When properly set up, a firewall will be your first line of defense. A firewall is effective in closing any ports that are being used in the DDoS attack. Combined with network hardware that has specialized features designed specifically for DDoS defense, the firewall provides a strong counterattack. It can block the originating IP addresses and stop the overload of traffic from entering your system. Network switches provide functions that help to ward off these attacks. Rate limiting capacities, system-wide automatic traffic shaping, delayed binding, and packet inspection all can help to reduce the harmful results of a DDoS attack. Routers have most of these switch utilities that will prevent the attack from crippling your network.

Another system that can help greatly in blocking unwanted traffic is the IPS or Intrusion Protection System. This system has become more advanced in its ability to analyze traffic patterns and attack techniques used by cybercriminals; it stops attacks instantly without negatively affecting the entire system. It is much more effective in fighting DDoS attacks if it is combined with another layer of protection.

DDoS Mitigation Services ward off harmful attacks with a well-coordinated use of multiple forms of defense. Because sophisticated cybercriminals have developed their attack techniques to advanced levels, there is no single system that offers complete safety and protection. To provide the best DDoS protection, a business must use a carefully coordinated, multi-layered system that will identify bad traffic, block attacks, and keep the functions of your website running like a well-oiled machine. Specialists in the field can offer you the expertise and customer service that would otherwise use valuable time of your IT department to design and launch. They can provide you with emergency defenses, expert analysis, and real-time blocking of ongoing attacks. Your business should have a DDoS Mitigation Services plan in place as a major part of your standard operating procedure. Build a sturdy defense that anticipates every angle and technique of attack that is possible. This way you will avoid lost revenue and frustration from being caught without a plan in place. If your business has a strong online presence, you should be proactive in meeting these attacks head-on and winning the battle before the attacks ever begin.

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