Unlimited Policy

Unlimited Rivalhost

What is Unlimited at Rivalhost.com

What we mean is, you don’t have to worry about disk storage or network transfer when your site gets popular. We want our customers to be able to build their websites without having to worry about disk space and bandwidth.

You DO still have to worry about plenty of other things though… if your site isn’t well optimized and is causing issues for others on your shared server (either because it’s pounding the CPU, hogging RAM, or doing tons of disk I/O), you may be asked to sign up for your own Virtual Private Server.

To maintain stable server operation, all customers must use their hosting accounts in accordance with our Terms of Service and Acceptable Usage Policy. Trust us, every host out there has exactly the same limitations… we’re just trying to be up front about them!

Only roughly .1% of customers ever fall outside what we consider normal usage. Typically, those that do fall in the atypical category are generally using their accounts for purposes that violate our TOS such as free porn affiliate sites, anime video trading, file sharing, home computer/file backups, or similar.

Simply put – disk space and bandwidth are no longer factors in shared hosting. So what are the limiting factors?

  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • CPU Time

These are the measurements that truly matter in shared hosting. All shared hosting customers have access to their account stats and resource usage within cPanel so that they can monitor their usage!

What about databases?

You’re certainly allowed an unlimited number of MySQL databases, but in the interest of server stability we request that you try to keep them optimized and no larger than 2GB in size.

What about email?

In order to keep the mail system operating smoothly, there are some restrictions on email storage. All forward-only mail accounts are limited to 10 forward addresses.

What's not allowed in "Unlimited"?

Basically, sites whose essential purpose is to use disk or bandwidth. When making a website, you should be thinking about “How can I make an interesting site for my visitors while minimizing my server storage, bandwidth, file system, memory, and cpu impact as much as possible?”

Here are some specific examples of things not allowed:

  • Copyrighted content to which you do not hold usage or distribution rights.
  • File upload / sharing / archive / backup / mirroring / distribution sites.
  • A site created primarily to drive traffic to another site.
  • Making your account resources available (whether for free or pay) to the general public.
  • Rivalhost reserves the right to delete data stored on our servers that violates any of the terms in the Unlimited Policy, and, generally, in our Terms of Service.
  • Rivalhost has sole discretion to determine what does, and does not violate either policy.
What happens if I exceed my Resource allotment?

We truly hope you never do! But if you do, we will contact you with as much information that we can to help you in lowering your usage. We will do everything in our power to contact you before your account affects other customers on the server. In the extreme cases where an account is negatively impacting other customers on the server, we are forced to take action as necessary. We know you wouldn’t want another customer on your server causing your website to be offline, so we will always do what is best for the greatest number of customers.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about your website and how it may fall into the different usage categories, please contact our staff. We will be apply to discuss things with you.