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It’s Time To Get Tested or Why You Should Test Your Website For Vulnerabilities

It’s Time To Get Tested or Why You Should Test Your Website For Vulnerabilities

Our reliance on technology and the growth of the social web brings with it its own unique set of concerns. Security is at the forefront of everything you do online, whether you realize it or not. Go ahead: “meh” security all you want. Just know that every time you login to Google; every time you hop on Facebook; and every time you make a purchase online, security plays an important role in how your data is handled, and who has access to it.

If your website collects information from your visitors, security has to be paramount to the operation of your website. All it takes is one breach to receive all the bad press in the world. Look what just happened to Target. Look at the vulnerability discovered in SnapChat. These our prefect examples of how security guffaws damage trust with consumers and weaken the appeal of your product.

Understanding the threat

This should never be your company’s attitude towards security:

“It couldn’t happen to me.”

“Why would someone try to hack our company?”

You’re in for a hard lesson thinking like that.

Just as computing has entered the cloud, and scalability is at the heart of new technology, these same trends have found their way into hacking. Searching for exploits is typically an automated process. It’s too inefficient to do it any other way. It would be too time-consuming, and essentially, a total shot in the dark.

Ever heard of PunkSPIDER? How about Shodan? Think of each one of these tools as search engines for exploits. A hacker simply has to type in the vulnerability they are hoping to target and voilà — out comes all the information a hacker needs to find who to target.

The potential threats range from XSS attacks to SQL injection. Don’t leave the security of your website to chance: test your website for vulnerabilities so you can protect your business.

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