Frequently Asked Questions

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Verge, and many more!

All shared hosting plans are instantly activated. You can also instantly provision a VPS in one of seven locations worldwide. Dedicated servers are setup within 24 hours.

Absolutely. You can order an SSL certificate right here.

We offer outstanding support 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We strive to offer fast support that is friendly and helpful. Our average ticket response time is 30 minutes. Support is handled via email. You can submit a ticket from your client dashboard or by emailing [email protected].

You thought we didn’t? We’re big on privacy around here. All we need is a good email and first name only to reach you at for billing purposes and account issues. Domain registrations DO require a complete name, address, and phone to meet ICANN requirements.

We offer a No Bullshit Guarantee. All shared hosting plans come with a 45-day Money Back Guarantee. No questions, no gimmicks. If you’re not happy with our service you can get a refund. Please read our refund policy for full details.

Yep. We offer 99.99% guaranteed uptime, excluding scheduled maintenance.

Please read our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

You can host adult content provided it complies with all U.S. laws. If you would like to host adult content you will be required to purchase a plan that has a dedicated IP. We do offer shared hosting plans with dedicated IPs.

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Virtual Private Servers

There are seven worldwide locations for you to choose from:
  • Dallas, TX (USA)
  • Dublin, Ireland (DMCA-Free)

Inbound transfer is unmetered. If you plan on using a lot of traffic between your servers on the same cloud location, we can provide you a free private LAN for free inter server traffic.

You can choose from a variety of Linux flavors. We also offer Windows. Simply select the OS you want installed during checkout. You can view the full list of OS options here.

Absolutely — permanent KVM console to all of your machines, all the time.

Included free with all machines you built — a complete platform based firewall lets you offload port, service and IP filtering to the cloud, rather than your own machine.

Simply contact us and we will take care of it for you.

On average across a platform a physical server is shared by about 30 machines. The host servers are extremely powerful HP Blade Servers (BL460C) with the latest Intel Xeon 2.93Ghz CPUs and extremely fast RAM and networking. We monitor the clouds constantly, 24/7 to prevent abuse and issues and ensure stability and reliability.

We run the excellent XEN Hypervisor across all our cloud platforms.

Instantly. As soon as Bitpay confirms payment your VPS will be automatically provisioned.

Dedicated Servers

Your dedicated server will be set up approximately 24 hours after you order. Often times we are able to set up your server much sooner.

Your dedicated server will come with 5 IPs standard. If you need to order more you can do so at checkout or by placing an order through your client account.

Yes we do. We offer two levels of managed hosting. You can either kick back and let us do everything for you, or you can pay as you go. If you need “one off” help with a specific task or configuring your software, just use BitAid.

We do provide custom servers on a quote by quote basis. If you are interested in something not listed on the site, please contact Sales to see if we can help.

Yes we do. Let us know how many U¹s, your power and bandwidth needs, along with any other requirements and we will be happy to provide a quote. You can contact sales here.

DDoS Protection

We protect against all types of DDoS attacks; from complex layer 7 attacks, all the way to large volumetric floods. Our DDoS protection services can protect your website from DDoS attacks as high as 500Gbps!

We can provide enough protection to withstand up to 250Gbps of attack traffic.

If the attack on your website or server exceeds your protection level we will not immediately null route your website. If the attack fluctuates above your plan level temporarily you may not have to upgrade. But, if you are targeted with a sustained attack that is above your plan level we will have to ask you to upgrade.

If you are not enrolled in a DDoS protection plan we may null route your website for 24 hours or until the attack subsides. If your website continues to be targeted you would need to upgrade to a plan that includes protection.

You can host with us or we can protect your website without you having to switch hosts. Our remote DDoS protection service allows us to protect your website from DDoS attacks through a simple DNS change.