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Cloud Hosting Or VPS Hosting

Cloud Hosting Or VPS Hosting

Cloud Hosting Or VPS Hosting – How To Choose One

When it comes to providing internet security to a website, many people get confused – unable to differentiate among various options that are offered. In the web hosting industry, people often cannot distinguish between cloud server hosting and VPS hosting, confusing one with the other.

This occurs due to a lack of awareness regarding web hosting options. Both cloud server hosting and VPS hosting technologies are useful, but offer different benefits to their users. In this article, we offer several tips on how to distinguish between the two technologies.

Before delving into the differences between the two technologies, you need to know that the basic concepts for each of them are nearly identical. However, they significantly vary from each other in reliability, flexibility, and availability.

Understanding VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are termed as Private Servers in the web hosting industry. These are based on a virtualized mechanism. i.e., multiple individuals are provided with the same dedicated slots, on the same virtual machine. This technology primarily works by sharing the resources on a timely basis – sometimes referred to as the “Shared Phenomenon.”

The major drawback that stops the VPS industry from flourishing is its unavailability, causing particular slots and resources to go down in any crash scenario, leaving the website completely redundant. However, in many circumstances, the rest of the applications works perfectly fine on different slots without any significant disruption.

There are always possibilities, although in exceptional cases where a single slot may be attacked by excessive traffic, or a DDoS, significantly affecting the overall performance of the website. Since all the servers are connected to a single machine, they may all go down.

Understanding Cloud Hosting

Cloud server hosting technology has already achieved a remarkable reputation in the web hosting industry due to its unique features. This web hosting option has excellent availability and is easily accessible, anytime, anywhere. This means that if a server has reached its maximum capacity, then the website is automatically routed to the available idle cloud server, without compromising the efficiency and performance of the website.

This instantaneous routing offers a great deal of reliability without disrupting the flow of the data on the website. Therefore, cloud server hosting is preferred and shared in the web hosting industry; for example, if one of the machine systems stops working, it will not effects other machines, allowing an undisrupted data transaction on the website.

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