Customizable KVM-based virtual private servers (VPS) with DDoS protection. Each VPS comes with super-fast Solid State Drive (SSD) storage for incredible performance.

DDoS Protected VPS Hosting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rivalhost uses KVM for virtualization of its DDoS protected Linux VPS platform because it allows one to benefit from the advantages of both user-land virtualization such as OpenVZ and full virtualization like KVM without their drawbacks.

Rivalhost uses three different layers to mitigate attacks. Each layer mitigates different types of malicious traffic:

  • 1st Layer of Defense: ACLs at carrier level to immediately mitigate volumetric floods, such as DNS, NTP or SSDP amplification
  • 2nd Layer of Defense: Powerful patented RioRey DDoS mitigation hardware to mitigate mostly TCP-based attacks with many packets per second (Layer4 and also Layer7)
  • 3rd Layer of Defense: Granular 1Gbps Stateful in-house DDoS firewall that detects and stops remaining TCP- and UDP-based attack traffic within less than 1 second

This multi-layer attack mitigation assures that both minuscule and very complex attacks are being stopped within less than just a second to keep your VPS online at all times. This is also perfect for protection of VoIP applications which require very sophisticated mitigation methods to avoid audio/video stuttering when attacked.

No matter if you host a game server, TeamSpeak, Camfrog or web application on one of our secured VPS products, our multi-layer filtering will keep it online during 10Gbps or larger attacks.