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Fully Managed Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers give you the cost benefits of Shared Hosting with the performance and control of Dedicated Hosting. Cloud Servers are a cost-effective hosting option which allows for you to have dedicated resources, increased security, and complete control of your environment. With a Fully Managed Cloud Server from Rivalhost we take care of the maintenance, security and network performance while providing you with 24/7 support

We strive hard to offer the best experience imaginable and are always available when you need us. What’s more is the fact that you get total control when you host with us. Configure and deploy your server exactly how you need it: Choose Linux or Windows, select your location and OS template and with a few more clicks you’ll be in the cloud. Servers ordered with cPanel are 100% fully managed leaving you more time to focus on what matters most.

Our robust hosting platform is equipped with everything you need to power your ideas and fuel your business, including 1 Gbps  Uplinks, optional off-site backups, and up to 5 IPs per server. Sign up today and hit the launch button on your ideas.

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Full root access gives you complete control.

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1TB outbound transfer per GB of RAM, free unmetered Inbound.

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FAST MaxIOPS storage

2x faster performance compared to SSD virtual private servers (VPS)

FREE and painless website migration by RivalHost!

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Free domain transfer†

Already have your domain name? Transfer it over to RivalHost for free and set up your website on our powerful servers with 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Avoid downtime while moving!

We take downtime worries away, as one of our migration experts will take care of you through the entire process, completely FREE of charge. This is what we do every day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of virtulization do you use?

KVM (Kernel Virtualized Machine) is another method of virtualization in which the VPS operates its own server on the host node. KVM provides full kernel virtualization where the user has total control over every aspect of the server.

What is the difference between a VPS and Cloud Server?

The main difference is the storage method. On a VPS you are getting a traditional RAID-10 array of SSD drives, whereas a Cloud server is built around a distributed storage platform consisting of multiple NVMe storage nodes.

Additionally due to the distributed nature of the Cloud architecture, it is better able to absorb spikes in traffic, and can perform at higher traffic-load more consistently as it will be serving your content from multiple storage locations rather than a single storage location as in our VPS packages.

What can a Cloud Server be used for?

A Cloud Server can be used for many different applications. It can be used for web hosting, an email server, SAAS applications, DNS Cluster and so forth. The limitations of a Cloud Server come down to the application requirements needed — a Cloud Server will be able to run most applications depending on its needs.

Which package is better for you?

We want to offer our customers the best possible experience by adding value to their online businesses. We achieve this by leveraging our modern and up-to-date infrastructure as well as the years of experience in the industry. For this reason, we offer fully managed services on all control panel’s for VPS, Cloud Servers, and dedicated servers.

This means that we take care of your server including guaranteed availability (we offer 99.9% uptime), security hardening, operating system configuration and upgrades.

Your job is to take care of your business and if you ever need support our experienced personnel is more than glad to help you 24/7/365.