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An Affordable Option to Combat DDoS

What does a small-scale DDoS attach look like in the real world?

A couple of twenty something friends who work as marketing assistants, avid fashionistas, decide to pool their money and start a fashion blog. The site provides photos and blog postings on the latest trends are coming from New York, Paris and Milan. These women have talent do a great job following the celebrities and designers in the industry. Their friends and families begin following, and before you know it fans have linked to their site all over Facebook. One day a hacker, who hates haute couture, decides to cause trouble and begins sending botnets onto the unsuspecting ladies’ website. Their site crashes and now none of their followers can access it. This is a hobby not a business but they love it. What can they do? After doing some investigating, they find that they have a very affordable option called DDoS Shared Hosting.

DDoS Shared Hosting provides a gate or filter that keeps malicious traffic from ever getting to the server hosting your website.

What is small-scale DDoS attack? DDoS attacks, which were once akin to a bomb going-off, are becoming subtler and more target specific. These days, rather than deluge, they can begin with a trickle. For instance, an attack using the http protocol as a smoke screen enables a few botnets to slip past firewalls and ISP devices, to invade a server with malicious data blocks. The stream continues. Pretty soon things freeze up.

Protection is available that can greatly reduce the likelihood of one of these events that will cost less than repairing the damage and recouping from downtime. Even if normal site traffic doesn’t justify upgrading to a VPS, Virtual Private Server, you can still alleviate DDoS attacks and keep costs to a minimum through shared hosting.

What is DDoS Shared hosting? It’s simple. Saving money by pooling server dollars other webmasters on the same server.

Ever live in a college dorm? That can give you an idea of what its like NOT to have DDoS protection. Anytime of the day of night, intrusive visitors, phone calls, or noisy disturbances involving your neighbors can disrupt what you’re trying to accomplish.

DDoS shared hosting is like living in an apartment in a quiet neighborhood on the upper east side of Manhattan with a doorman and very insulated walls. There are filters in place allowing the legitimate traffic you want, but rerouting and blocking malicious traffic.

The filtration process involves analysis and recognition. Here is a diagram:

No DDoS Protection:

Hacker—Zombie—Reflector—Target Server

Shared DDoS Protection:

Hacker—Zombie—Reflector—Gate—Filter—Scrubber—Target Server

Affordable Options

Not every Webmaster can justify the expense of a Private Server, and why should they have to when DDoS Protected Shared Hosting is so reasonable. Granted, the added cost per month might sound like another utility bill, but if people are making money and running ads on their site, the service can pay for itself. The really good news is if your site is for your business, it may be tax deductible.

Some Features to look for:

Disc Space – If your site is image rich and eats up lots of space, you’ll want something with higher amounts of disc space.

Dedicated IP Address – allows for greater autonomy from others sharing the same server. Some attackers use IP addresses to locate potential targets

GBPS – Gigabytes per second allows for faster data transfer and response time

We work hard, business owners and hobbyists alike. It takes years to develop a proper understanding in a business or another pastime. That doesn’t begin to take into account the added hours we invest each week staying up to date on new developments.

Bloggers know what it is like to pour their hearts out to provide relevant content in articles for their readers. Bringing value takes time, resources, and heart. With all we’ve invested, the last thing any of us wants to deal with is disruption.

DDoS protection is not a do it yourself proposition. These are complex problems requiring specialized solutions. The good news is that help is available. Thankfully, DDoS protection through Shared Hosting is an affordable solution.

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