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RivalHost, LLC., is a Leading Edge, People First, Customer Driven provider of web hosting solutions around the world in over 75 countries.

Since 2001, we have been hosting thousands of personal, small business, and enterprise websites on a global level.

As a leading high-performance web hosting provider, we strive to offer the most technologically advanced web hosting solutions available to our customers across the world. Security, reliability, and performance are at the core of our hosting operations to ensure each site and/or application hosted on our servers is highly secured and performs at an optimum level.

Unlike other web hosting companies, we do not overload our servers AND WE TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY. With current SEO trends now factoring in page load speeds this more than ever is critical. We own and operate our own equipment in a World-Class audited Date Center that hosts some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

As a Customer care and technology-focused web host our web hosting packages are designed to support popular web development technologies. High-performance PHP Hosting, Ruby on Rails Hosting, DDOS-protected web hosting, Virtual Private Servers, and cloud servers are at the core of our business practice. We have over 30 years of combined experience in Network Administration and System Integration.

A common misconception about the technology industry is “it’s all machines”- not at Rivalhost. Although our data center partners and infrastructure are second to none, we are successful because we are committed to unparalleled, Impressive Support.

Site owners across the globe have entrusted us with their data. Rivalhost boasts and guarantees 99.9% network uptime. In fact, RivalHost is the ONLY shared host ever to achieve an APS 400 rating by UptimeSafe (99.99%).

We are meticulous in handling all the little details so you can relax and build your site. Our down-to-earth company culture offers one-on-one attention you just can’t get from a cheap hosting company. We base our business model and personal livelihoods on making sure your experience with Rivalhost is second to none.

Our goal is to provide outstanding service to a select group of clientele who need and appreciate a full-service professional hosting experience. If we can help make you successful we know in the long run we’ll be successful.

We don’t compete in the “super-low-cost” hosting market. Our whole business model is focused on providing fully managed hosting solutions, great customer service, world-class hosting facilities, and making sure your site is a success. We strive hard to provide all those factors for each and every client.

We guarantee we can run your site fast, better, and more reliable than anyone…PERIOD!

We cannot promise that hardware won’t break, the software won’t fail, or that we will always be perfect. What we can promise is that if something goes wrong we will rise to the occasion, take action, resolve the issue and accept responsibility.

All of us here at RivalHost look forward to serving you!

Todd Reagor
web hosting
CEO and Founder
1-877-575-HOST (4678)